Monday, March 16, 2009

Hot Lunch

Hot LunchImage by specialkrb via Flickr

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When a recession hits, its time to think about what's most important. We need to feel like we still have a place in a civilized world, and a proper lunch goes a long way to instilling a renewed sense of hope.

In that vein, we'll be sampling some of the best offers available around London over the next few weeeks. The main requirements are to try and come in around £30 per person including at least one glass of wine. For civility's sake.

First up (well second - but more on that later) Corrigans in Mayfair

The Bill

32.50 per person including service (there were 4)

£24 3 courses - including a 250ml carafe of wine
£2 Cover Charge (a bit crap)
Sides - some small money

The Food

Lambs Heart and Onion - 7
Monkfish Cheeks - 5
Blue Cheese Bavarois -6

Staff - Bloody lovely - 9

Value - 7

Overall - 34 / 50