Wednesday, April 23, 2008

St George's Day 2008

Nice to see a bit more enthusiasm for St George's day this year - maybe it's the separation from Paddy's day and Easter, but still feels right.

More importantly, what to have for lunch?

Simple really - Ploughmans.

Brays farm pork pie (30 seconds in micro to take the cold off it - minor sacrilege but time constraints and all that), montgomery cheddar, granary bread, Branston pickle, mustard, salad and tomatoes - oh and an apple.

No pickled onions today, but would have been one with a touch of chili.

Just need to hold out until 6pm for a couple of pints of Addleston's and all will be well with the world.

Random Thought

Why don't sandwich shops have real specials which only appear once a month?

And if they did, they could have a specials's club with alerts and everything.

I'd like that.