Thursday, February 1, 2007

Not Born Evil

Some are born evil, some become evil and some have evil thrust upon them....

Well yes to the last two, but no to the first. I'm pretty sure that there are people who are perhaps born genetically predisposed to act on impulse.

Combine those impulses with poor control, a certain moral turpitude and the right set of circumstances and all the ingredients are there for a lovely evil soup for the soul.

But, same person, different upbringing, different circumstances - maybe they just kick the dog every now and again. Bit wrong, but probably not evil in the grand scheme of things.

Just for clarity - I saw this evil / not evil thing on a site run by Toshiba to win a laptop.

I'd like a new laptop. - Not evil

BTW - just ate a lovely yellow plum, now eating rubbish chewing gum.

Wish I was still smoking.

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