Monday, February 26, 2007

Slow Food

So, start a blog.

Easy - now I suppose you have to keep writing the damn thing.

So here goes, last post was a while back, and what memorable things have I managed to stick in my face since then.

Eat's French Onion Soup - always slightly disappointing I feel. Needs some kind of booze in it.

Certain nondescript sandwiches from Tesco's. Always too cold but I never have time to leave them to warm up.

Friday night started well with a brief cider tour of Soho (Addlestones, Old Rosie, Aspalls), small pitstop at the Tappit Hen for a birthday drink with The Hobbit and ended up at Aintnothinbut on Kingly Street with a man of slim stamina we'd not seen in a long time. We = me and The Hunter of Lucky Charms. Great band, mad crowd, Charm hunter got Lucky, nightbus home.


Sucked in by that purveyor of fine Friday night fare, The Chick King.

Lovely guy on the counter provided chicken that was probably fried on Monday - still it hasn't killed me yet. - Five spicy wings, fries and a chicken portion for £3 at 3am. Not bad at all really.

My latest not hating myself strategy is to only eat as much as I can before I get home (generally about 50%) then put the rest in the bin.

Cider £??

Nightbus £1.50

Hangover reduction therapy £3

Not smelling/seeing fried chicken carcass on Saturday morning... well you can guess the rest.

More on that later.

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Loynes said...

A disappointing burger and Kronenburg at the Hand & Racket (aka 'the train carriage' for lunch.

It is utterly beyond me how someone can bugger a burger, but they did.