Friday, February 2, 2007

Soft Centre

Slightly following on from yesterday, and in discussion with today's lunch companions the future direction of this blog is forming.

It's not just about life, it's primarily about the lunch you live.

What, where, how much, would you go back, some kind of rating system.

If anyone else was reading this then I'd ask them for help in devising the ratings.





Today's lunch.

Probably one of the best pies in central london.

Location: At The Windmill with two very good friends.

The Food: Beef and Mushroom pie (short / puff pastry), mash, mushy peas. - Pretty much perfection where steak pie is concerned with amazing gravy that escapes across the plate to merge with the potato as you cut into it.

Cost: £8.50 but was kindly bought by I for R and me.

Service: Grumpy as ever - but not in a bad way

Drinks: Bombardier

BTW- more on pies on Monday as I have just taken delivery of what are supposed to be the best pork pies in the country.

Now eating crapo gum - supposed to have a liquid centre - What is the point of that in a chewing gum?

And vanilla? - what were they thinking.


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