Monday, February 5, 2007

Meaty Goodness

I just managed to tear myself away from another pint of Landlord in the Blue Posts on Friday to return home to bake the day's pie deliveries.

Oh and a pizza.

Cooking was as easy as described with the jelly injection providing satisfyingly chemistry lesson feel to the process.

Anyway - due to spending Saturday having lunch at Villandry (not bad but out of the way and the service a bit crap) and having a very good dinner at a friends house on Saturday - which ran into brunch and dinner again there were no opportune moments to sample the pies.

Until today.


Accompanied by green salad, vine tomatoes, spicy peppers, Granary Roll, Olives, Branston, and English mustard. Oh and a small slice of Lincolnshire Poacher

So hat's off to Nell's pork pies they have indeed in the words of one taste tester 'set the bar very high'

Cost - All in about £5 I'd guess. Pies are 2.40 plus about 1.10 / 1.50 postage.

And I could have had piccalilli.

BTW - much thanks to M&J for looking after us so well for so long

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