Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mixed Blessings

Looked out the window this morning, sunshine and the park

Good combination.

Left the house 20 minutes later. Wind, Rain, Crap. Might as well have been in Prestwick airport.

This sort of day leaves you confused.

Part optimism (no doubt bolstered by thoughts of 'The Matador' arriving tomorrow, now the next orderer in the Cirle of Trust has got his act together)

Part Depression (could be something to do with the bad meatball wrap at lunch - shop on brewer street which is generally ok - as if meatballs were going to be good - schoolboy.)

The cure is Szechuan Pepper.

Try this Spicy Eggplant with plain rice and steamed chinese greens.

If you don't eat meat, add spring onions, red peppers and more aubergine.

In fact add the spring onions and red pepper anyway for colour against the black aubergines.

If you don't like spicy food, don't make this - in fact sod off entirely.

Pie review tomorrow....


Unknown said...

Wow this is such a neat site.

I am hanging for today's pie review.

as you can see i like pies.

you are neat, this is neat.


MrBen said...

G'day Ian.

be sure to let you know when the next review is avaialable...